The Spectaculars are a 5 piece Powerhouse Blues Rock Band delivering riveting live performances containing catchy grooves, soulful vocals, searing lead guitar, top shelf Hammond organ, one of the tightest rhythm sections known to man and a genuine love for each other and the music that comes through with undeniable enthusiasm and contagious energy!


Leon Olson, along with his sons Eric and Mike, Rob Waters and Joe Loeffelholz are 

The Spectaculars, a band that has been around since 1986, but is only now just getting started!


Their debut album, "Let's Hear Us, Now!" is filled with 11 new songs that include all of what's mentioned above and more, as they put everything they could into this sincere and insightfully entertaining collection.

Let's Hear Us, Now!

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"Let's Hear Us, Now!" The Spectaculars' New Album

"Let's Hear Us, Now!" The Spectaculars' New Album

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