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"Let's Hear Us, Now!" The Spectaculars' Debut Album - Amazon

"Let's Hear Us, Now!" The Spectaculars' Debut Album - Amazon

"Let's Hear Us, Now!" is being hailed as a Modern Blues Masterpiece based on traditional blues themes such as love gone bad (Never Saw it Coming/What Was I Thinking) and personal loss (Lost Another Friend/Surrogate Blues). They also explore new love (Sleepless Night/On the Prowl) as well as old love (Lost My Marbles/Mean Old Woman).  The songs that detail personal discovery and growth (Can't Break Through/Power) could possibly inspire the same in the listener, if desired.


These 11 songs are proof that The Spectaculars' debut album "Let's Hear Us, Now!" is a welcome addition to the blues genre and demands to be heard! The arrangements, performances, subject matter and variety of grooves makes it hard to skip any one tune and shows that they truly put everything they have into this sincere and insightfully entertaining collection. 


"The guitar solos sound succinct and relevant, not meandering or superfluous. Plus, there is an understated element of guitar hero record here, quite well executed I might add!"  - Blaise Barton (Grammy winner - Best Traditional Blues Album 2010) JoyRide Studios - Chicago

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